And is a magical word

27 Feb

The new report from the Journal of Applied Physiology “Change in weight and body composition in obese subjects following a hypocaloric diet plus different training programs or physical activity recommendations”  is an interesting read

Its conclusion is this:

“when combined with a hypocaloric diet, exercise training and the following of physical activity recommendations are equally effective at reducing body weight and modifying body composition in the treatment of obesity”

The experiment tested strength v endurance v endurance and strength, There was apparently little difference between the group.

However, what is lacking in this experiment is the value beyond obesity.   Loosing weight healthily , is a good thing! Being active is good, being strong is as good.

Its  better  to have it all!

Today the Crossfit game started,  proving, once again, that here is something about the word “AND”.

Its great to look good, and be strong and be skilled, and be gymnastically competent , and be clever and be nice and be  a great father, and be a nice person…….

Strength OR endurance? Its a lousy choice.

Strength And Endurance is “well better”

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