Count down to Lent

16 Feb

Lent starts on Wednesday, as does our challenge: its a body composition and performance challenge, so you have several areas to focus on.

1) BURPEE:The burpee challenge: 100 burpees in 5 minutes or 50 in 2minutes 30 seconds.

Today or tomorrow, do a baseline ( I’d suggest the 2.30 seconds as an appropriate challenge) we will suggest  training ideas as  Lent progresses.

2) MONITOR YOURSELF: Weigh your self, work out your BMI, get a body fat or body composition reading ( fat calipers, those machines in  pharmacies….what ever). Take a few measurements (  leg, waist….whatever)

3) PORTION CONTROL: Get out your food weighing mechanisms in Place . Maybe you want to use a food delivery service, or simply weigh your food. Some of our members are trying Paleo Now, others can cook. Cooking is, in my mind the, best option, but starting food control is the more important. If an external service helps you, so be it. Work problems, not beliefs.

4) RECORD: So why not write down what you eat and drink today and  identify the best and worst food habits you have. Think about the quality of food: the mix of Macro nutrients. Do you need supplements in there? Do you have emotional eating triggers, do you just grab food because its there: do you need to shoot your work colleagues ( the ones who push crap food  at you)?

5)  MOVE: Get a pedometer (the i-phone ones really suck your battery life) shoot for 10,000 steps a day ( subbing biking is cool)  Movement is key for a healthier you. The more you sit for long periods, the more dysfunction sets in.

6) CROSSFIT LONDON: Get to  Crossfit London: Lift weights, look cool, Max out, muscle up, lever, flick and split


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