Crossfit London Lent Challenge 2/46

19 Feb

Todays Lent tasks and  thoughts.

Obviously we are setting basic health stuff  both the physical and the psychological. Sometimes the tasks are ones you can do now: others may be long term reflective issues for you to work your way up to.

Blood Pressure

If your blood pressure is too high, you are ill

Task.  get your blood pressure measured. From friday we will have machine at 9 Malcolm Place but you could get a cheap one for home.

blod pressure


Is  deadly, no amount is safe, never validate alcohol. A glass of red at dinner turns into a bottle quickly. it slips down. For lent, go booze free.  If you “stuff up”  forgive yourself, find out why, and start again, Don’t get into an all or nothing mindset!

Task: tweet or Faceback or social media your intention to abstain.


During Lent you will have 1, possibly 2 fast days. If you need to check with your doctor that you can safely do this.

Task: check a fast day with your doctor or decide its ok  by self research.


Start monitoring your food.

Task: Begin a food diary, write down everything you eat and drink


Prepare a snack thinking of the Zone: the zone looks at small balanced meals and snacks: try this

Task : prepare a Zone snack : 1 boiled Egg, half an apple, 3 almonds and  download this  Zone guide

10,000 STEPS A DAY

Basic healthy underpinning  health requires 10,000 steps  a day. Try and get these in  at work so it breaks long sedentary  sitting sessions, but also get some sunlight Be active!!

Task :every day  post Social  media  a shot of your Pedometer reading


Negativity Kills: Get positive

Think of the nastiest person you know and write down 4  positive things you think they do well. Look for the good in people.


See you tomorrow!

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