Crossfit London Lent challenge 3/46 ( 20 Feb)

20 Feb


Do you need to be prompted  to look at these challenges, if so,  todays task will help

TASK: join the Lent challenge email reminders mailing list . We will send you a challenge email, and nag you up to 2 times a day about posture,  steps diet etc.

Click here to join

NEGATIVITY: Its easy to be nice with nice people .  Let “nasty people” help you to become a better person.

TASK: Go out of your way to do something nice for someone who you dislike or who is unfriendly , or bad tempered,  sarcastic or  “clever”. You know who I mean.  At the same time, tell  1 person that you love  that you love them!

THE  ZONE:  Start balancing and quantity controlling your food.

TASK  build your own zone snack. Some protein, Some (nice) carb, some fat.  Here is some basic guidance and some ideas 


Obviously you are doing your 10000 steps!


We are shooting for the 100 in 5 minutes or 50 in 2.5 minutes. so lets go for a 2,5 minute burpee bing

TASK do as many Burpees as you can in 2 and a half minutes: post the results, or write them somewhere


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