Crossfit London Lent Challenge 6/46 23 February

23 Feb

Well its day 6. Give yourself  a hug . Good Job!

Whilst there are 40 days of Lent left, f you are lucky, you will  build some habits that will last you a lifetime. As you can see the habits we are after are the ones you can do without a gym: walking, running, burpees, isometric exercises, a modest  alcohol free diet and good mental health habits.

This week we also add some stretching!

These are the things that are  correlated with a healthy lifestyle: activity,  some intensity, some strengthening, some flexibility. good attitude   and a “sober” diet.

Obviously, many of us want more strength and more ability to excel, which is why we follow functional fitness regimes, in particular Crossfit London. But excellence requires us to have some  basic underpinning life style attitudes: this is what our challenge will help you build


Today shoot for your max burpee target: Mine is 100, so  Im going for 10 burpees every minute on the minute for 10 minutes  choose your target and get them done ( it may be 5 a minute for 20 minutes, or 10 minutes if you are chasing the 5o target)

TASK: do your burpees,


Say hello to  James Hewitt ‘s , “The Brow Clasp”!  Keep your  chin level, eyes looking forward and place the palms of your hands  on your “brow” (its a 1960’s book!!). You take a deep breath, and try and thrust your head forward , but maintain it’s position by pushing back with your hands.
brow clasp

After 6 seconds : you can “declare the exercise a draw”.

Today, just do  this for practise. Over the next few days  we will build up a neck “portfolio” and then string them together

Task: understand and  practice the BROW CLASP


STEPS target is 10,000 steps a day. This should be habit by now.

TARGET  Keep on recording your steps


too much aerobics and running is bad for you. One of crossfit’s missions was to reduce the EXCESSIVE amount of hours that people jogged for. 5k  2 times a week isn’t excessive. Its about right. if you cannot run 5k, there is something wrong!

Task:  start your plan to get to 5k  2 times a week. How about a run today of 1k, or a walk, run. jog of 1k?

Food and the zone:

Veggie day. Start to push sugar out and vegetables in

Task:  substitute 1  blocks of “bad carb” for veggies: eventually your diet will be mainly veggies.


Clearing and calming your mind  is excellent. If your mind is on the run all the time , you drive your self mad.  Learn to “clear your mind and relax”.  Todays meditation task: Once you read this , sit down ( or stay sitting)  and elongate your spine. Make your back and neck neutral ( whatever you think that means) Put your hands palm down on the table or your knees: close your eyes and take a big  slow breath in, hold it for as long as you feel comfortable,then breath it out for as long as you can comfortably can.  Do this  three times ( 3 breaths!) . Thats it. ( none of this start off with 5 minutes crap). It does not matter if you cannot clear your mind.

TASK relax /meditate for 3 breaths


Todays stretch

wall quad stretch

TASK: Practice the wall quad stretch  for, 10 /30 seconds each side. once each side will do.  Longer the better, multiple sets  better.

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