How do you want to learn?

01 Feb

Crossfit London runs one of the most challenging internship and Olympic weightlifing instructor courses around. Its not difficult in the classical sense, its just a very precise method of delivering effective technical instruction at a basic level.

Before we begin to develop teachers we consistently see them fail to 1) set effective drills, and then 2) fail to offer effective feedback. This combination of drill setting, (chunking up skills into bit sized bits) then offering feedback is the key to effective  teaching method. There is  a lot more to it, but as our starting point, teaching and drilling this in  to our trainee teachers converts  the ineffective  to, very, effective.

In the run up to our courses,we tend to set “thought provoking tasks”: here is the 1st one. You may comment  below if you are on the course, or if it  inspires you.

Today’s task is an imagination game and assumes, like me, that you do not know how to  repair, or clean the carburetor of a Land Rover.
Here is  the scenario: you have just  won a place on a team adventure journey to drive across the Sahara ( well done you!!)
You will be driving across thousands of miles of desert? You know nothing about Carburetors accept this: They always clog up, and , if you cannot, under extreme conditions, remove  a carburetor, take it apart, clean it, fix it and re-assemble it and put it back in the engine, you and your party will be stranded in the desert and you will die .
Btw, the rest of your party will be your loved ones ( just to put the boot in).
Tell, me, how would  you like to be taught about the carburetor? Would you like a multiple choice tick box exam and a lovely certificate. Would you like to write an essay about the role the carburetor has in the engine. Would you like an instruction book, a lecture…….some practical  experience, and would that be with an experienced person or a peer who doesnt know anything about it….



(Thanks to wikipeda for the Pic)

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