Lent Challenge 4/46 (21st Feb)

21 Feb

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Yesterday was friday. During Lent,  friday is Fish Day. On Friday, its fish. You eat Veggies, fat, and Fish on fridays ( fish can mean prawns, crab, eels etc)

Task: Find out where your local fish store is? Support your local trader if you can! Pictured above is the Seafood stall in Stratford ( Prawns and Crab). I know to buy frozen fish from the supermarkets. Know where to get fish from. Prepare for next Friday! Next Friday is fish day

Task: Fish oils. Do you think you need fish oils? Google “Omega 3”  and  have a think?


Its too easy to get locked down into the same routine! see if you can do something exciting in the next few days. A play, a new cinema, a new stretch,  talk to a new person..

TASKFind a small “new” thing to do

TASK: if you  have not already done so, sign up for this free course. TINY HABITS


How were the burpees yesterday? How can you improve your burpee numbers in the next 7 days.

TASK:  Note down your strategies for improving your Burpee numbers. You will be  re-testing next week ( its on day 11)


10,000 steps a day should be your new habit: punch the air and say “well done me” for getting 10,000 plus steps every day. Keep it up.

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