Lent challenge 7/46 Tuesday 23rd Feb

24 Feb

Its day 7 and you are doing an amazing  job. But are you celebrating each success?


There are a lot of mini challenges on the Lent challenge. Each time you achieve  a little challenge ( 10,000 steps,  a little diet change) congratulate yourself: say, Go me, punch the air. If you are english, nod to yourself, mentally clap yourself and say ” that chap, Jolly good show”….

TASK : plan a  mini celebration


Prepare for your 1st fast.  This coming sunday is your 1st crack at  a fast.  You wake up, and all you can have till 7pm is  water  : with lemon juice in, or green tea. If you think 7pm is too late, set another target.

When you break your fast on that day , you will plan a sensible 4 block meal.

Task:  check that you are ok to fast. Talk to your medical team, or self check by research. If you do the fast, you must take responsibility for your own health. Decide you can do the fast and say “go me” Decide what your 4 block meal will be.


10,000 Steps a day:

this should be a habit,

Task, make sure you maintain 10,000 steps a day. If you did, high five yourself!



head clasp

the head clasp stand erect with your chin level fhands behind your head. breathe in, then try and force your head straight back as hard as you can, but resist with your hands for 6 seconds.

TASK: practice the head clasp. Celebrate

Thanks to  James Hewitt and his book  “Isometrics for you”



add the good old fashioned Hamstring stretch to your regime: Keep your back neutral, hand rest on bent leg toes point up to bring the calf muscles in. I’m pretty much assuming that you have seen this before.

At the end of the week we will combine these in an easy quad/hamstring/ psoas/Glute Stretch

TASK: hamstring stretch both legs, 15 seconds. Celebrate!

hamstring stretch


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