Lent challenge 9/46 26 February

26 Feb

The weighing machine:

Once a day for the rest of this challenge you must weigh yourself , otherwise you won’t be able to assess and understand  the impact that exercise activity and food control and has on you .

Of course the greedy and lazy  will be out in force saying how awful this is .

But a scale is  no different from a speedometer on car or counting money out or watching  the clock. If you get obsessive about weighing, and you get on the scales 10-20  times a day , who cares  .You probably check Facebook , your phone or your emails more often.

The Lesson here is not to judge. You need to  practice that forgiveness we have been talking  about, but in a hard way. You need to forgive yourself for “stuffing up”

On a day by day basis, your weight jiggles up and down,  but over a few weeks you see the trend . The more moderate your diet,  the less sugar the more you  move, the more the weight goes down.  The more  sedentary you are , the more carb and sugar you eat  , the more it joggles  up.

Weighing, for the rest of your life is essential . Take weeks off ( like those weeks not checking your emails, not  clock watching) but don’t kid yourself’….  portion size, speeding, financial control they need constant monitoring!

The only reason why you don’t want to get on the scale is because you want to lie to yourself. By all means add other markers in , measure you thighs, your chest/bust, but weighing is key. if you weight zooms up, do something about it!

TASK: weigh yourself every day


Help keep neck pain in check, stop slouching forward, and remind your head it belongs in a neutral position on the top of your body, not slumped forward. Today, we combine the isometric exercises we have been learning over the last few days.

TASK: watch this video and see if you can build it in to your life!


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