lent challenge day 11. Saturday 28th February

28 Feb

Only 1  set task today

TASK :MAX  Burpees  in 2.5 minutes  or 5 minutes. Obviously the standards you are aiming for  are 50 Burpees in 2.5 minutes or 100 in 5 minutes.  Good luck!

(Frankly, I’d do the stretching, the neck routine, and 10,000 steps too)

After this you may begin preparing for tomorrows fast. From 12 midnight  on saturday to 7pm on sunday evening no food.  A 19 hour fast; with any luck, you’ll be asleep fir 8 hours of it ( if 7pm is to far….gpo for 5 or 4pm)

You may (must)  drink  water and you can have black tea, black coffee, green tea ( and those herbal teas). You end the fast with a sensible meal, not an attempt to stuff down as much food as you can. obviously you need to have checked that its safe for you to do this and if you have never fasted before, try not to operate heavy machinery , drive  etc until you know how you react.

One secret for tomorrow, keep busy!!

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