Lent Challenge Day 12. 1st March . Fast Day

28 Feb







Sunday 1st March is a  voluntary fast day. 12 midnight to 7pm. A mere 19 hours without food, but as much water, black tea and coffee as you fancy.

You may eat a sensible zone meal at  7.01pm.

If, as a result of this voluntary action, you feel a bit hungry – good.

Millions of people throughout the rest of the world are starving.

Perhaps it will build a teeny bit of empathy in your soul. Perhaps if you carry excess weight, and whine about it, maybe it will make you think about those less fortunate than yourself. There are a lot of people to choose from. Maybe you’ll begin to think its not appropriate to stuff  yourself while others  starve.

Obviously, as we have said, don’t fast if your medical team or your own research suggests you shouldn’t. Just be grateful though, that you have the choice. Millions don’t have that choice

Thanks to http://commons.wikimedia.org  for the photo’s

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