Lent Challenge day 8/46

25 Feb


today we start  by adding the finishing touch to our neck routine  with the Head lean. Put you hand against the side of your head and push for 6 seconds. Maximal effort, but nothing moves: do both sides

head lean

Tomorrow we will add this to a cute little Head work out to make your neck a “bit better”, but today

TASK practice the Head lean for 6 seconds each side


try and get some of todays 10,000 steps outside if you can. Sunlight when it touches your skin, makes Vitamin D. Vitamin D= Good

TASK; gets some sun on your skin: get outside more.


Put simply  they can help you or hinder you. You may love someone ( it could even  be your mum, or your sibling, or your current partner).

Love is great.

Love does not mean being stifled and repressed.

If you cannot aspire and grow , you may need to look at the people who surround you. As Mark Twain said

“keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the  really great make you feel that, you too, can become great”

Task: think about the people who surround you, and reflect on  how they help or hinder you


2 tasks:

TASK: Prepare for Friday. You need some fish!

TASK: Prepare for the Sunday fast!

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