Lent starts here! Ash Wednesday 1/46

18 Feb

Welcome to a difficult journey. Changing the way  you think about exercise, and food,  and attitudes, and positivity  and how you move,  is difficult.

But if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be a challenge


Many will  have tried a diet before: most diets are a 2 week Thing.  Diets like that are bullshit, wrong, unhelpful and  commissioned by stupid ( psychologically damaged) magazine editors to get more readers.

The diet patterns we want you  to establish are life long.  Over the next 46 day we want you to invest in failure: try and fail to up your diet game, try and fail to record. Try and fail to cut down on refined carb Every time you try and fail to get rid of a bad habit, you slowly shake its grip on you. It may take 18 to 50  attempts. I call it “terrorising the habit”. Every time you fail, consider why you failed , and learn from that.

Over the next few weeks we will talk in depth about eating ideas.

TASK try and identify the best thing you eat, and the worst


So much of living a successful life depends on your ability to create habits. Phillip Rolling and I are playing with the Tiny Habits Programme

TASK  Join the Tiny Habits Programme . Its a free  sign up.


You must achieve 10,000 steps  a day. Hold yourself to this standard. Post  a photo of your pedometer reading every day on Instagram, facebook or Twitter. Include failures. If you failed today, say why and  make plans for tomorrow! Its Ok to be lazy as long as you know you are being lazy. If you are lazy, forgive yourself and correct it.

TASK post your pedometer reading


Start dealing with this.  Become positive. Praise others, help them on their way. Any one who is rude to you , or snaps at you, or  bullies you  or  is inpatient with you is  simply crying out for help.

Understand that these people are hurting. Motivate them by your example of love and forgiveness. This concept underpins all effective  regimes.

on a 121 level, you may not be the person who will directly help them, but  sometimes your  example of patience, forgiveness and old fashioned goodness can inspire others.

TASK  privately forgive the next person who wrongs you, Feel empathy as they are probably having   hard time.

Be a Positive influence! Walk around with a BIG TICK*!!!

get positive

* obviously, this should be a virtual big tick. Try and not write on your forehead, otherwise you will look as stupid as me

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