Lent starts tomorrow

17 Feb

2  targets: get some fish, get a pedometer!

Traditionally you eat fish on Ash Wednesday.  Tomorrow no “meat”. Just fish.

Fish it is.

Fish and vegetables.


Start easing out of being a sugar addict!

More veggies not so much fruit, less and less  bread ( I actually mean no bread…..I must get more empowered in my writing).

Maybe grains are bad for you. All I know is that bread is delicious and packed with easy to turn into fat. stuff. Like many of our richest citizens and their tax affairs,  Ill leave it up to you to decide if you evade or avoid, or “aggressively” avoid bread and which approach is moral and ethical.

Its sort of simple. In an environment where you can access any food, anytime, its better to live bread free ( If you are starving in Africa and someone throws you a loaf of bread, grab it and eat it and kill anyone who tries to take it off you: you wont see another till the next relief truck comes through)

Just incase you are being clever, bread also means cake, biscuits, crisps….. etc etc.

Make sure that you have your pedometer on and you get your 10,000 steps a day. Every step you take means you are not slouching like a MOFO over you desk. Notice we are not saying stand up and walk all day ( that would be 1,000,000 steps a  day). Simply make sure you are naturally active. Even if you are “City weak” you should be able to manage a teeny weeny ten thousand steps.

Really, its nothing! If you don’t hit 10,000 steps a day, the old fashioned word is lazy. Idle. Slothful.

Here is one of the Crossfit London Lent challenges special tweaks and hidden secrets. Most people are inactive throughout the day, then slop into a gym, or Crossfit session and hope to get cool and awesome fitness.

Crossfit classes need to be EXTRA: if you sit on your Ass ( chances are its a butt, not an Ass)  all day and then you  do a WOD,  you hardly  compensate your body for its lack of movement during the day.

Here is the 1st of my secret secrets: do 10,000 steps a day, then go to the gym!!!

(Now I have to kill you)

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