Honour: it’s your gift to yourself

06 Mar

One of the many things that makes Crossfit  London different is the way we focus, as much as possible on standards and not rules.

Rules in workouts  are easily got around. We have a gym full of corporate lawyers! Im sure they can tell you how easily rules can be manipulated.

Standards are different things. We have standards of behaviour  and integrity. Bullying ,racism, homophobia simply isn’t tolerated.

We also have workout standards that are aimed at getting the best out of you, as well as our coaches. Every workout  we do is negotiable to your particular abilities, we help you design and set the challenges that make you better.

Lets take Fran for example.

21, 15, 9 thrusters and  pull ups: it may be that you don’t have a pull up and decide that ring rows are your challenge. Thats great. The RX weight may be heavy for you: negotiate a different standard  (weight) with the coach. Maybe you injured yourself and cannot do full range squats, maybe your elbow hurts so you’ll do 1 armed thrusters.

I remember I had a psychological dark time a year ago, so when  Fran came up in my schedule I did 15, 12, 9, then the next time 15, 15, 9 , then 16, 15, 9. All fine.Obviously I didn’t  write in my training diary that I did Fran, because I hadn’t. This rep scheme is not Fran. For me at the time, it was a  great workout. But it wasn’t Fran. You know what, it did not matter. I had changed the standard. If Id been in a group workout, my class mates would have seen my changes and probably heard the negotiations with  the coach.

On Wednesday lunchtimes we are always agreeing different standards in public. We do this because,  if you use another class mate to pace you, it’s crucial that they are doing the same thing as you. If you set off for a marathon, the chances are that you don’t want to match someone passing through doing a 400m race .

This is all fine.

If, however,  you decide to do Fran, then do 15 reps in the 1st round, then 11 in the second. then 6 in the 3rd and you claim to have done Fran, you have simply cheated.

Standards is an expression of honour. Honour is  your gift to yourself

That said, its also the duty of the trainer to enforce those standards, or, as sometimes happens, to re negotiate them.

“NO REP” isn’t a punishment. It’s a statement of fact.

This is of course as much a coaching issue as it is your issue. The coach who isn’t spotting the short squat, the short pull up or missed reps is a  poor coach. The coach who spots the short squat, the short pull up, or missed reps and does nothing about it, is perhaps poorer.

If your coach, makes you go back  and do another rep, or picks your form, or changes your standards, they are simply, enforcing our standards, being true to themselves and helping you be true to yourself.

By being here you aspire to be among the better trainees in London. By coaching here, our coaches aspire to coaching standards well above the  prancing  nonsense of commercial gyms. Do you think Alex cheats his reps?!


There are loads of cheapie gyms  in London where you can delude yourself  about shitty standards and partial reps and cheating workouts  where  the coaches will support you in that delusion.

We understand that some of you need to cheat. That’s OK. Just go and do it somewhere else.

Our mission is to  build your honour as well as  your physical and mental capacity

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