Lent Challenge day 21 .Tuesday 10 March. CELEBRATE

10 Mar

Today you are going to learn something a bit weird. You are going to design a “celebration”. Over the next few weeks, Im going to talk in great depth about habits and change and celebration, and the crucial role that CELEBRATION plays in change and the development of  good habits.

Here is “the Thing”.  If you are trying to get a new habit, learn something new, move , get  on a diet, you need to  celebrate every success, no a matter how tiny.  I f you add a vegetable to your meal, its not enough to do it, and eat it .

You have to  “celebrate” .

Maybe a little “high five” , a thumbs up. a  quiet woo hoo….

Very difficult if you are a reserved English person!

So,  Put a waste paper basket on the other side of the room ( a good 6 to 8 ft away0, See if you can toss a ball of paper into it. After a few misses you get it! What do you do? Was it a” Yes” , or ” go me” or “woo hoo” a little fist pump?

That, dear reader, is your celebration. Notice a celebration is not  a cake, booze,  a physical treat, or praise from other people. “its you  yourself and you”

That’s todays TASK

Find out how you celebrate!


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