Lent Challenge: weight loss week (day 36). Natural day

25 Mar

Natural Day

Today you may eat nothing  refined or made for you. Simple meat and fish, simple vegetables, eggs, fruit, as long as its in almost a natural state

You may cook it, no one else can. Others can pick it, and maybe cut it up once or twice, but no more than that. If you drink coffee, get the beans, only full fat natural milk, no to cheese and yogurt ( today) : yes to lumps of meat, no to mince ( unless you make it)…. No to oats unless you grind them. If you love wheat products great. Sit down with some wheat. Once you have eaten a few grains, your enthusiasm goes…. if you cannot live without sugar, get some sugar cane.  No bacon,   NO processed meat.

Task : Today Eat Natural

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