Mercy Brown is Olympic Weightlifting At Crossfit London

16 Mar

If you love Olympic Weightlifting, its time to book up for this 2 hour training session with the amazing Mercy Brown at Crossfit London on Sunday 12th April (1.30 to 3.30)

Mercy Brown or “little mixxie” on twitter  (start following her) is one of the rising Stars in the  British Olympic Weightlifting community. She narrowly missed out on a medal in the Glasgow  Commonwealth Games  with a total of 203kg .

Her profile on The British Olympic weightlifting Website is here. 

The last time she  visited Crossfit London,  she helped several women to smash through their PB ceilings.Mercy has agreed to stage another training session  in April for mainly women Olympic lifters, but all are welcome. You can get your amazingly inexpensive tickets (only £25) here.

Lets see if she can drive you to a personal best.

Mercy will be assisted by several members of the Crossfit London  of the coaching team, so we pretty much guarantee loads of coaching and feedback for all.

During this session, Mercy will explain and teach you her favourite drills and share tips and hints that help her lift big weights.

The session will run from 1.30 to 3.30pm.  ( but come in and lift from 1!), we have to send Mercy back to college at 3.30pm though!!

If you want any extra details, do email

For more details about Olympic weightlifting at Crossfit London, click here


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