Crossfit london: as always, ahead of the pack

20 Apr

It was 5 years ago that  in order to evaluate “thermal loading” I  got to stand under a cold shower ,in public, for the amusement of you tube watchers

here is that glorious moment again

Obviously I need to point out that the cold water in our flat, is viciously, viciously cold.

As  normal, back in 2010  we were well ahead of the curve.

Today I read “growing fat to make you slim” in the New Scientist. Increasingly “clever folk” ( the type who read New Scientist and do more than jut look at the pictures) are discovering the difference between types of fat ( white, brown, beige) and they way they contribute to a healthy weight. It seems that brown fat, that burns off more energy,  has a relationship with temperature ( and for that matter Capsaicin, something found in chilli)

What we can now conclude is, that whilst getting into a freezing cold shower isn’t necessary ( no one told me that in 2010), sneaking the temperature down on the central heating, getting a lighter duvet maybe a healthy habit to have.

For those who like science, there is an online version of Chloe lambert’s article here but you do need to pay for it!!

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