Crossfit London survive. The 1st aid class

23 Apr

A few months ago we started talking about 1st aid

 1st aid for crossfitters

Inspite of our desire to drop 1st aid into the classes, it was no surprise to find that our classes are already busy and jam packed with skills, strength and gainz, so it wasn’t practical to teach them from scratch.

So here is the new idea.

We are going to run a weekly “Crossfit London Survive” class every friday night at 6, or 6.30pm, this is where we will teach 1st aid ( and maybe other cool survival skills) but incorporate the skills into a WOD. (  fireman Partner carry , 5 cleans,  2 minutes CPR x 3).

1 Rope climb,  10 burpees, tie a sling  x 4

We have several highly qualified 1st aid teachers,  Andrew, Arend and Graham which means that we can  also  cover the 1 day at work H and S certificate  in 6 lessons, meaning that apart from learning the skills, you’ll become a recognised 1st aider and get a certificate, while getting fit

The image is to have a gym full of 1st aiders.

Ill announce the 1st set of 6 fridays in the next week so.

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