Nighty-night! Better sleep for tougher WODs

29 Apr

So much of your fitness regime can be undone by poor sleep habits. Crossfit London  member  Nicholas Davies shares his top sleep tips.

Rules for better sleep
  1. Never go to bed until you’re insanely tired – wait until you’re exhausted and you absolutely can’t stay awake any more.   But know you limits and when to transition from wherever you are to the bedroom – don’t fall asleep on the sofa or mid way walking to the bedroom – you need to fall asleep in bed!   If you get this right you will fall asleep in seconds after hitting the pillow.
  2. Never do anything in the bedroom except sleep (ok – yes, that means you have to be more adventurous in the locations of other activities!  And no I don’t mean your TV channel selections – TV’s are banned.   So maybe not a bad thing to spice things up too)
  3. When you wake up; get up and out of bed.   Don’t snooze, lay in or read a book.   This will make you more sleepy at the wrong points.   And getting up sooner will make you more tired for point 1.
  4. Leave the curtains open – let the natural light start to wake you up; try and phase out your alarm clock if you can (takes practice and you may need a backup in the early months – so if you need 7 hours sleep, and go to bed at 11pm – try steadilly moving the alarm by 5 mins out each few weeks from 6am to 6:05, 6:10, 6:15 etc.)    In winter times when there is less natural daylight try a Philips Wake Up light –   (click Wake up with light button in the middle)
  5. Never use/look at your phone / tablet in bed (these are banned from the bedroom); indeed don’t look at a bright display for at least 30 mins (ideally an hour) before you go to bed – this includes your computer.   Read a book instead or plan your next day, feed the pets, make your lunch – whatever you do, ensure there’s no display and that its not mentally taxing.
  6. Unless you’re a high caffeine metaboliser (find our here) then watch what you drink after 8pm
  7. If you are older, go for a pee before you sleep – even if you don’t feel like you want to.   A full bladder will wake you up;
  8. Check you don’t snore; maybe you have a partner that doesn’t tell you, or you are just missing a partner; Apps can help 
For good sleep monitoring

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