Olympic lifting and education

12 Apr

As some of you know, before the summer begins, I’d like us to start  offering youth Olympic Weightlifting, and possibly Gymnastics and tricking sessions at Crossfit London ( in the 4-5pm slot during term time , and maybe some mid morning, afternoon sessions during the long summer holidays)

However, whilst the aim will, ofcourse,  be to  deliver excellent sports tuition to local youth, as important will be to  actively embed key educational targets into  our sessions.

For us, it wont be enough to teach someone how to snatch although it will help those taking PE  subjects : we need to  teach relevant  physiology to support Biology,  work and power formulae, balance concepts,  to support physics and  a whole lot of maths stuff from % to algebra, all of which can be used in a sports context.

So we are on the hunt for those of our members who are teachers, parents, mathematicians or who ever has access to  teaching aids and useful materials that we can adapt to our sporting environment.

Obviously we have to do a lot of work before launching this ( CRB, different risk assessments….) but i just wanted to let you know.

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