Do your Olympic Lifts need some tender loving care?

18 May

There is a difficult time in Olympic weightlifting.

It’s that time when you have finished a beginner course and are starting “proper” Olympic Weightlifting training.  You don’t want to rush back to the “this is  a barbell”  class, but, those group olympic lifting classes that everyone else loves, can, all of  a sudden become really hard.  Coming to Crossfit London and sampling our lovely community can be great, but equally a bit off putting if you are the one person in the room who just doesn’t get it.

Its awful being the klutz!

Of course the instructor helps you.  Of course your class mates support you  and know where you are. After all, they were in the same position once. But, if you feel  out of phase with the class, you feel awkward!

For the record you are probably fine, but  the way you feel, is the way you feel

Olympic Weightlifting is a key part of Crossfit London, so its too easy to get left behind, especially if your ego get bruised easily!

I think this is why Joe Martin started Mondays 5.45pm (17.45)  Olympic  Lifting Basics class at 3 Gales gardens E2. This is a fantastic class that allows the better lifters to get on with it (with feedback and monitoring of course)  while it actively supports and targets newer lifters.

Sometimes you are new, sometimes you  simply need  a bit more support, sometimes, you just need to train with Joe Martin.

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