Happy 10th Birthday, CrossFit London!

31 May

In 2015 CrossFit London celebrates its 10th birthday. Yes – tenth!

CrossFit gyms are opening up all the time. But we were first – and still the best – by a long chalk bucket!

Here’s a bit of CrossFit London history for you: In the summer of 2005, Andrew Stemler jetted off to Santa Cruz to complete his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification. It was delivered by the legendary Coach Greg Glassman. During that cert, Greg agreed that Andrew could take on the first CrossFit affiliate in the UK (and indeed Europe). CrossFit London would become the only affiliate outside the American continent at that time. The 20th affiliate ever.

Back in London, Andrew began running seminars, doing PT’s and small group classes at the Andaz Hotel in Liverpool St. At this time he started the famous learn-CrossFit-in-a-day workshop, the iCourse. WODs took place outside in Mile End Park, and in the cul-de-sac behind his house in Stratford E15.

Before our current fabulous website, was this vintage blogspot

And then Stemlerfit.com was set up. There is some great chat between the original athletes, and old pictures, on the blog here.

In 2008, while Lehman Brothers crashed and the world slid into recession, CrossFit London picked up the keys to it’s first home. Together with co-director Steven Shrago, they opened the first full-time CrossFit London gym in Gales Gardens, E2. In 2010, Malcom Place was acquired. In Vauxhall 2012, CrossFit SE11 opened its doors. In 2013 we got our hands on 10 Malcom Place. Four spaces for CrossFit.


The first CrossFit London event in 2005. An Olympic lifting masterclass with Andrew Stemler, Lauren Hannon, Davie Easton, Karl Steadman, Julian Thorogood, Intrepid Steve and Chris Kemp.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 11.26.27


Ten years of top quality coaching. Ten years of sweat, hard work, skills, drills and gainz. Ten years of transforming lives. Ten years of laughs.

2015 was already going to be an incredible year, as it it marks many anniversaries in British history as well as those of great international events. CrossFit London is proud to celebrate its first major landmark alongside:

Magna Carta (800 years),
Agincourt (600)
The Battle of Waterloo (200)
VE Day (70),
Battle of Britain (75)
Nelson Mandela’s freedom (25),

So make sure to train with the first, best, most experienced Crossfitters and coaches around.

So keep Saturday 27 June 2015 free for some epic birthday celebrations!


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 Images sourced with grateful thanks to Wikimedia Commons

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