Strength Class: programme and schedule

15 Jun

IMG_0680The new strength programme kicks off tonight. We will be following Chad Wesley Smith’s Juggernaut Method.

You’ll find attached here the class schedule detailing the warm up speed work, but no details. The main lift with details of reps, sets and what the final set should be.

Come to class to get the details on the speed work, accessory and Saturday’s Strength WOD. Though if you can’t you still have details of what main lift you will have missed should you be able to catch yourself up via self training (which I’m happy to make available to anyone following the programme) or elsewhere if you have access.

The programme goes through four waves of 10’s, 8’s, 5’s and 3’s. Within the wave are four stages: week one/accumulation, week two/intensification, week three/realisation and week four/deload. After the deload week your working max should change depending on how many reps you got during your final set of realisation phase.  For a rep calculator to work out your numbers email me for it ( or find attached in the group.

I imagine the big question for many would be: what if I miss some sessions and can’t catch up – should I still come to Strength Class?

Don’t stress. You can still come along, hit your lifts and get a good strength workout. Ideally you should be progressively following the programme for most benefit but don’t be put off if you can’t follow it religiously.

Also bear in mind that you can easily start this programme at a different wave if you want to see if through a little more properly. So if circumstances meant you missed lots of the 10’s wave sessions – then in a few weeks the 8’s wave will be kicking off. Jump back in there.

Strength Schedule June onwards 2015

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