Sleven Social Friday 31 July – the WODs

29 Jul

IMG_7885Hitting you with a partner social this time. And here’s the full run down of the WODs to get your teeth into:


In partners, move as far up this ladder as possible: EMOM each partner completes one rep of 40kg upwards increasing by 10kg each time, until failed rep or coach deems a limit has been reached on safety grounds.

Male/s – Clean
Female/s – Deadlift


15 minutes to complete:

400m farmer’s carry (2 x 15/10kg plate pinch) – one partner to be carrying the plates during, swap between partners as needed.

As many reps as possible, one partner working at a time:
7 kettlebell snatches, left (24/16kg)
7 kettlebell snatches, right (24/16kg)
7 burpees

Score = total reps from final AMRAP.

See you Friday… drinks at the Black Dog.





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