Get some skills clinic in your life

25 Aug

Each Sunday we hold the Skills Clinic. An hour to work on skills. No surprises there then.

You will mostly find that similar skills crop up week in, week out. Often kipping, often muscle ups, handstand push ups, toes-to-bar, double-unders… the troublesome WOD skills.

IMG_2669If you think there’s no WOD in skills clinic, then maybe rethink what is meant by that acronym: workout of the day. It doesn’t need to be for time for it to be a workout. Drilling movements for an hour won’t be a walk in the park

If you’re fresh out of the Level 1 series then Skills Clinic will give you the necessary skills to get to Rx on the workouts.

If you’ve been us a while then this class will ingrain great movement and ensure that you keep learning and perfecting what you’ve already learnt. If you kind of have the strength to do a few muscle ups but not the consistency to perform them during WODs then you need this class. If you have a few pull ups, but haven’t nailed the kip yet then you need skills clinic.

So make sure Sunday’s session is on your radar. Don’t be complacent with always scaling if you just need to master the skill (if the issue is more strength then head to Gymnastics Strength for CrossFit and Basic Barbell: Strength first or as well) and aim to put more Rx’s and PB’s on the whiteboards.

Make sure that you are a member of the Facebook group (if you are a member… and we check). It’s there that we tell you what skills are coming up. We are also happy to take requests if there’s something you really want to focus on.

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