Aerial Yoga at CrossFit SE11

23 Sep

IMG_8393We are introducing a new lunchtime class at CrossFit SE11 from next Tuesday, Aerial Yoga with María Noel Genné.

The class takes exercises from yoga, Pilates, calisthenics and aerial acrobatics, performed in a hammock designed for Aerial Yoga.

Adding any yoga class to your schedule will help with your CrossFit performance: improved mobility and range of motion, better mental focus, balance and as an active rest day.

Aerial Yoga specifically can help relieve compressed joints to improve alignment and allow the spine to lengthen – especially useful to counteract all the time we spend under barbells.

And if none of the above has convinced you – then simply come check out to try something new. All fitness levels welcome, though not recommended if pregnant or have recently had eye surgery – if in doubt or you have any questions about this then email Chris.

Aerial Yoga kicks off Tuesday 29th September at 1pm. Book in here. Class is one hour long.

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