Aerial Yoga pose of the week: full inversion

10 Oct

Following our introduction of an Aerial Yoga class to the SE11 timetable, María Noel Genné provides us with a little more insight into the practise and the poses with a series of ‘pose of the week’.

This week: full inversion


Regular practice can improve postural alignment, thus benefiting the spine and weight-bearing joints which are often compressed from the effects of daily activities and gravity.
Inverting assists the system of the body to function more effectively. The endocrine, circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems, all benefit from inverting.
Through inversion, spinal decompression can be achieved by elongation the spine thus reducing the pressure to vertebral discs and spinal nerves. Inversion therapy is particularly beneficial to those suffering chronic back pain.
Our regular class takes place on Tuesdays at 1pm, straight after the midday class. This week we’ve also added a class to Friday at 1pm so those of you with more time at the end of the week have a chance to experience Aerial Yoga.

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