Mobility & Flexibility – 6 week programme

16 Oct

IMG_8398A main component of success in any fitness programme is to include some of what you like and a lot of what you need.

Whilst mobility might not be the most exciting sounding class on the schedule it’s what the majority of us need most. If you struggle overhead or if you struggle in the squat (that one sentence just covered about 90% of everyone reading this) then you need to focus on your mobility.

Some of our biggest progress success stories in the gym have been those people that took the hard choice to dedicate more of their training time to mobility.

Therefore we are running a 6 week mobility and flexibility programme with Jenny whose interest and focus on mobility that  you’ve all come to experience during her classes makes her the perfect person to run this.

Each week, you will go through a series of mobility drills, dynamic stretches, muscle activation, and static stretches targeted at specific areas of the body that commonly affect your performance as a CrossFit athlete.

You will be able to identify the drills most effective for you, learn proper technique, including breathing, and most importantly, be inspired and motivated to spend some good quality time on improving your mobility/range of movement within a group setting.
It will kick off on Wednesday 28th October at 7am. It will run for 6 weeks only, finishing Wednesday 2nd December. That’s right, so not something you can put off (at least for this run, we’ll decide later if we do other runs) so make time in your morning schedule to make the session, get the drills, get the homework and start to take one of the biggest steps you can to improving your athletic performance during CrossFit classes. Setting you up nicely for 2016.

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