Skills Clinic moves midweek

02 Feb

Schedule changes!

We’ve changed around the schedule a little.

Given the Sunday demand for the WOD class we’ve added in a third class at 11.30am starting this coming Sunday.

Skills Clinic will now move to Tuesday’s 8.30pm with Joe from February 9th. This class is an invaluable part of the schedule – it’s the place where you’ll have dedicated time to work on your skills like kipping pull ups, toes-to-bar and handstand push ups, double-unders and muscle ups.

We’re also working on introducing a testing session into this slot too, giving you a chance to graduate or simply work towards Level 3 but also just to see how your progress is going. So it would work on a rotation basis – most likely one week on, one week off (skills clinic one week, testing the next and repeat).

More information to follow.

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