The Sleven Open: 16.1 review

26 Feb

If you don’t know what 16.1 is yet, click on our WOD post to find out.

Some points from Coach Cyril to consider when approaching this workout:

Pace, pace, pace. Don’t gas out in the first five minutes. Find your groove and keep moving between the movements with short structured rests.

Turn the engine on steadily and progressively with this one – 20 minutes is a long time to go.

Commit to completing the lunges in one go. Resetting the bar will result in too much wasted energy.

Break up the pull ups early, not later so think 4 and 4, or 3, 3 and 2 with short breaks in between. May also be appropriate to consider fast singles.

Finally, don’t forget your breathing. Breathe through the burpees, breathe through the lunges. Your midline and diaphragm will suffer under the load of those lunges during this long workout so you don’t want to stress them further by losing control of your breathing.

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