Why CrossFit SE11?

22 Feb

We are running our first free taster in a few weeks. Find all the details here. This is your chance to find out about what we do, what CrossFit is, and how (cheesily) we can make your life better. If you already train with us, this is the chance to for someone you know to experience CrossFit as you know it.

The trial isn’t just something we’re doing because we a good hearted bunch. It’s a sales pitch of course. But like trying to sell anything, it all becomes either difficult or pointless if you don’t see value in what you’re trying to sell.

We do.

We know we have created a brilliant gym. Solid programming. Arguably the friendliest and most welcoming CrossFit box in London. High level of coaches who are professional, massively skilled in what they do and coaches that give a sh*t about our member’s and their goals.

To focus a little further on some on these points…

Our community. London can be a tough place to live, often massively impersonal. Our gym fosters a supportive community that builds friendships beyond the gym. In a big city finding communities like ours improves people’s quality of life, truly. The coaches and myself take pride in being told our gym is a postiive influence on their lives not just their fitness.

We offer a variety of classes. CrossFit Level 1 for beginners, Level 2 for the majority, Level 3 and competition class to push a minority a little harder and lots of speciality classes to hone your skills and let you bias your fitness towards weightlifting, strength, mobility or gymnastics if that’s what you want.

Our programming is well thought through and is accessible to every level of athlete providing a suitable challenge to build a appropriate balance of both strength and conditioning.

We get results, each week we see PBs on lifts or people getting their first pull ups or muscle ups. And often our successes are not always in numbers – it’s a better squat, a more proficient and technically sound clean and jerk or better movement generally. We’re pretty hot on the small details to make the big differences.

And most importantly we have a breadth of experience in our team. We don’t just have have CrossFit coaches. We have gymnastics coaches, aerialists, two national level Olympic weightlifters and a swing yoga teacher.

If you’re an old or current member and what you’ve just read resonates please share this post on social media, email to a friend or just tell someone what you think of us. We know what we do here is pretty great, we know our members value what we do so we’d hope you’ll help us reach more Londoners.

If you’re not a member, then get along to the taster –  truth be told we’re pretty rubbish salespeople so you won’t get a pushy pitch – simply information on what we offer and how we can help you with your goals. See what impression you get of us, other than some of your Saturday time in March, it’s free and there’s no commitment beyond showing up required.

Or maybe if you’re sold go to the class schedule and book a place in one of our Level 1 classes (there’s some more information here too). Or you can always send me an email and ask me some more questions – if you can’t find the answers on the website, I’d be happy to help in any way.

Get involved with us. You know you want to.

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