CrossFit Open 2016 Review

04 Apr

by Coach Tim

So that’s it for the 2016 Open! After five weeks of anticipation of the week’s workout, pre-workout nerves, pushing harder then we thought we were capable of, agonising over whether to redo and then waiting expectantly to check the leaderboard before doing it all over again…it’s all over!

IMG_0173At the elite level, there were some amazing performances, and doing the same workouts as the CrossFit Games elite really highlights how remarkable they are. They make it all look so easy…and then we find out that looks can be very, very deceiving!

It’s been fantastic to be involved in running the Open workouts for all the coaches, with great community and camaraderie from the beginning (with our members happily helping us to dismantle and then reassemble most of the gym to allow for the overhead lunges in 16.1) to the end (with members sticking around to lend support and encouragement to those doing 16.5 in the final class of the final weekend on a bank holiday).

IMG_0171It’s also been great to see some hugely gritty and determined performances from our members. Particular highlights have been enormous efforts by Raj and Felix to get a bar muscle up in 16.3…and getting so, so close! And the valiant efforts of those who managed to squeeze out a couple of, shall we say less than perfect, bar muscle ups.

Also, Evi who decided to redo 16.5 (I questioned why anyone would ever contemplate that!) and knocking over 90 seconds of her time. And Olga and Raj fighting their way through 16.5 RX! The Friday lunchtime class also got to enjoy the weekly battle between Yoann and Alex. 

IMG_0172Coach Barney topped our own Sleven leaderboard for the men. Barney dominated, taking the win in four out of the five workouts. Alex Pina came second, managing to take a win from Barney in 16.4. Patsy topped the women’s leaderboard, after a close fought battle with Mereana.

So, it’s time to look back and celebrate and enjoy your participation. And also to reflect on what you learnt…What went well for you and what didn’t go quite as well? What things need improvement – strength, skills, conditioning, mental approach? Let us know and we can help you to be ready for the 2017 Open!

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