CrossFit SE11 Level 3 standards

05 Apr

If you have always wondered how near you are to a Level 3 tag (giving you access to our more advanced and fast-paced CrossFit classes), we have quantified our standards to give those who aren’t quite there yet, something to aim for. Helping you focus your training towards your weaker areas, providing you with a good idea of where you are currently and where you need to be.

(*BW = bodyweight, e.g. a man weighing 80kg should be able to back squat 120kg for one rep. If there is no requirement for the movement then you’ll see a minus sign – e.g. we do not require female Level 3 members to have a muscle up yet).

Weighlifting (Male/Female)

Back squat 1.5 x BW/1.25 x BW
Front squat 1.25 x BW/1 x BW
Overhead squat 1 x BW/0.75 x BW
Deadlift 1.75 x BW/1.5 x BW
Snatch (squat) 0.8 x BW/0.7 x BW
Clean (squat) & Jerk 1.1 x BW/0.9 x BW

Gymnastics/Bodyweight (Male/Female)

Strict pull ups 7/1
Unbroken pull ups 15/6
Unbroken handstand push up 5/3
Unbroken ring dip 5/-
Ring muscle up 1/-
Unbroken pistols 5 each leg/5 each leg
Unbroken push ups 30/10

Others (Male/Female)

100 double-unders 120sec/120sec

Metcon (Male/Female)

Fran 6.30min/8min
Helen 12min/13.30min
Grace 5.00min/6.00min
Cindy 14 rounds/12 rounds

In addition to the above we will also be looking for other factors that mean we can safely tag you for Level 3 classes and will be based on the coaches’ knowledge of you. For these standards we’ll be looking that you have consistency of good movement including appreciation of the movement standard (e.g. only counting reps that are full squat depth, or chin over the bar on pull ups), form and general ability to train safely.

If you are interested in working towards Level 3 and want to track these standards then contact me by email and I’ll send you a document to be printed out, brought in and can then be stored at the gym. We can then sign you off for hitting benchmarks and goals.

Within the Sleven Social we will hold some testing towards these standards, in a competitive but fun environment.

IMG_3112A good place to test the weightlifting standards would be either of the Basic Barbell classes (Strength and Olympic Weightlifting), the Level 2 classes or the Sleven Social. For the gymnastics elements it’s Gymnastics Strength for CrossFit, Skills Clinic, Level 2 or the Social. The double-unders could be either Skills Clinic or Level 2. And the MetCon you can test in Level 2 or the Sleven Social.

In addition, in the middle of each month Joe will run a Testing class which may feature testing of weightlifting, gymnastics, skills or MetCon. The first will be run on Tuesday April 19th at 8.30pm. In May it will be held on Tuesday 17th at 8.30pm.

We will be asking that you meet 100% of the standards we’ve set to progress to Level 3 along with a pass from the coaches that your workouts are always consistent in form and safety.

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