CrossFit SE11 programming

25 May

Earlier this year we changed the way we programme our Level 2 classes. Many of you have noticed that things got scaled back, in a sense.

IMG_0955Instead of always trying to feature some strength, weightlifting or skill followed by a MetCon, we take you through a more thorough and structured warm up routine that better exposes you to the impending workout. Because as much as it seems that more is better, that one hour session you get is better with a greater focus.

This takes shape in hitting a general warm up, a specific warm up and then we start to work on the movements that will later form the main workout. Before we start the workout we also perform a ‘workout prep’ that has you ramp up to the working weights with appropriate rep schemes and also testing you by adding some intensity early on.

All that we do is to prepare your muscles and joints for what is to come and pursue a path that is the safest and most likely to keep you injury-free.

All this ensures that we can enforce and maintain the high movement standard that both CrossFit SE11 (and our parent gym, CrossFit London) are known for. It means that we have less instances of people lowering their weights or scaling back during workouts and that we can make sure that the workout stimulus and intensity is maintained once the “3-2-1, GO!” is yelled.

We complement all this with bolt on programmes:

  • Olympic lifting classes that follows a structured programme to improve these lifts for those who want to focus their efforts here or simply to refine your technique for carry over to the Level 2 classes.
  • A series of strength classes with the aim of increasing strength using barbell movements and other resistance from bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman.
  • Two gymnastics strength for CrossFit classes to also build strength but in relation to bodyweight and gymnastics that feature in our workouts.
  •  A mobility and flexibility class to help with the range-of-motion needed for the other classes.
  • A MetCon Level 2 class with a faster, low-impact approach with the aim of improving endurance capacity (engine), again with the aim of improving performances for the main WODs.
  • Level 3 and Competition classes that also provide a faster pace once you’ve earned your stripes with our Level 3 standards and you are RXing most workouts.
  • Adult gymnastics with a general (not essentially CrossFit) approach to the execution of handstands and tumbling.

All the specific/speciality classes feed back to our Level 2 classes – pure CrossFit classes.

FullSizeRender (2)Level 2 is a varied and non-specialised programme having you perform a wide variety of movements, time frames and rep schemes. The aim is to improve everything from strength to endurance. We structure our warm up and preparation to make sure you get the most out of every session without over-stretching ourselves and still making for a tough session.

We want to coach our members, not simply give them a long list of activities – that’s why we’re about quality over quantity in our classes and we make no apologies for this.

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