Programming: w/c 27 June 2016

26 Jun

Level 2: CrossFit

Another benchmark test will kick off the week. A barbell and gymnastics conditioning test -RXD as follows (BRXD replaces the push press with handstand push ups):

Every minute on the minute for as long as possible:
5 push press (35/25kgs)
6 toes-to-bar
7 thruster (35/25kgs)
(benchmark/conditioning focus)

Tuesday will see you focus on posterior chain strength with good mornings as we hit some heavy triples (strength focus).

Barbell complex in the form of the ‘Bear’ on Wednesday, broken up with some runs (conditioning focus).

You’ll have a chance on Thursday to go over some tougher gymnastics skills. So across the three levels you’ll see on the whiteboard L-sit rope climbs, front levers, L-pull ups, muscle up, regular pull ups and dips, all depending on where you are (gymnastics focus).

Friday and is benchmark testing again – one gymnastics test, one barbell strength test:

Part 1: max push up
Part 2: back squat 1RM
(benchmark/gymnastics/strength focus)

Saturday will be chance for you to have a go at one of the earlier CrossFit Games Regionals team workout from last month (team/conditioning focus).

Finishing of the week on Sunday with an overhead and burpee couplet, immediately followed by a second couplet (conditioning focus).

Powerlifting Club (Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays)

Next week is German Volume Training week again. All the main lifts will be 10×10 at 60% with 90sec rest.

Tuesday’s main lift is squat
QWOD: 21-15-9, bench press, ring dips, DB press.

Thursday’s main lift is deadlift
1RM: find heaviest front rack lunge (1 rep each leg)
Finisher: take 50% of heaviest lunge and complete 30 alternating reps.

Saturday’s main lift is bench press
SWOD: E2MOM (5 rounds/10 mins)
10 burpees
10 air squats
15/10 thrusters 42.5/30
ME thrusters in remainder

Score = thrusters performed above or below the 15/10 reps per round. It is possible to get a negative score on this SWOD.

Olympic Weightlifting Club (Monday, Wednesday & Saturday)

Monday will focus on snatch with a complex of hang and low hang to get strong in the first and second pull phases.

Wednesday is clean & jerk with some added bonuses.

Saturday sees snatch and clean and jerk with the use of powers.

Gymnastics Strength for CrossFit (Monday & Friday)

Rachel will be working on pull ups, ring push ups and handstand work on Monday.

Legless rope climbs, ring lowers and handstand walk drills with Chris on Friday.

Mobility & Flexibility (Thursday 6.30pm)

Upper body and rotator cuff work for prehab/rehab.

Skills Clinic (Saturday 11am)

Further work on deconstruction of the kipping pull up, and working towards getting or improving the muscle up.

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