Programming: w/c 1 August 2016

31 Jul

Level 2: CrossFit

Today’s workout has a double-under cash-in and check-out. In between is a five rounder of rope climbs and heavy kettlebell sumo deadlift high pull. Time cap of 15 minutes (conditioning focus).

The week’s heavy day but with a twist. Three movements: clean, jerk and back squat – it’s a strength day but the structure will have a MetCon feel to it (strength focus).

Runs with rounds of benchmark girl WODs ‘Cindy’ and ‘Mary’ within a 20 minute AMRAP. Gymnastics heavy session (conditioning focus).

We revisit an old CrossFit Games workout today featuring heavy deadlifts and box jumps. The WOD is 8 minutes in duration (conditioning focus).

Couplet on Friday of power snatches and dumbbell front squats across 10 rounds with a 15 minute time cap (conditioning focus).

Bench press makes an appearance today. Effectively two small couplet workouts with a rest in between, both with bench press and then a weighted push and a weighted carry (strength/conditioning focus).

Finishing things off with an old CrossFit Games chipper from 2009. BRXD and RXD see a total of 10 different movements – 20 minute time cap (conditioning focus).

Powerlifting Club

Main lift: bench press (heavy)
Accessory 1. Hypertrophy bench sets
Accessory 2. Planks
QWOD: dumbbell pre-exhausts into compound dumbbell presses for quality.

Main lift: squat (high rep)
Accessory 1. Heavy lunges.
SWOD: partner front squats and burpees.

Main lift: deadlift (explosive)
Accessory 1. Box jumps.
Accessory 2. Barbell good mornings.
1RM/Complex: hollow holds for time

Gymnastic Strength for CrossFit

Toes-to-bar (strict and kipping)
Ring dip strength
Kipping (muscle up or pull up as appropriate)

Muscle up (dip focus)
Handstand Zombie drags
Handstand push-up negatives

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