Programming: w/c 11th July 2016

10 Jul

CrossFit: Level 2

Quick note on our July programming.

We will be focusing on shoulders this month and within the warm ups you’ll see lots of complexes and drills designed to improve the strength and mobility of the shoulders. Take your time with these – and if they are difficult then the likelihood is that you need them more than most.

By the end of the month, see if you notice any improvement in a particular area or an increase in strength through your shoulder stability.

Kicking of the week with a test of strength endurance featuring heavy power cleans and handstand push ups. A ladder rep scheme with ascending and descending numbers. A 10-15 minute workout (conditioning focus).

A row buy in, a run check out and a weightlifting 5 rounder sandwiched between the two. 20 minute time cap (conditioning focus).

A dumbbells and gymnastics triplet. Three 5 minute AMRAPs separated with a 1 minute rest so today will be about working hard and earning the rest then coming back strong again (conditioning focus).

This week’s heavy day with front squats or an option for the Beyond RXD to shake things up with the Zercher squat – an uncomfortable and challenging variation on the front squat (strength focus).

Shoulders are the target as today will be shoulder-to-overhead (increasing in weight) coupled with push ups (increasing in difficulty). This one will be capped at 20 minutes (conditioning focus).

Sweaty Saturday with lightweight barbell and kettlebell moves combined with some rows of various distances. This one will be capped at 25 minutes (conditioning focus).

Head down, deep dig and get on it with it. Bear crawls, wall balls and burpees. But at least you know it stops at 12 minutes as it’s an AMRAP today (conditioning focus).

Gymnastic Strength for CrossFit

Pull up and toes-to-bar complex
Handstand walk drills
Ring support strength
Weighted planks

Muscle ups
L-sit hangs
Push up and hollow body conditioning circuit
Inverted burpees

Powerlifting Club

Main lift: bench press
Accessory: bandana press
1RM/complex workout: sumo deadlift strength sets.

Main lift: squat
Accessory: hack squat
QWOD: 15 mins of tricep/chest focused AMRAP.

Main lift: deadlift
SWOD: front squats and deadlifts

Olympic Weightlifting Club

Power snatches followed by clean and jerk

Jerks then working on back squats

Snatches from hang

All prepping for maxing out the following week.

Skills Clinic

Further development of the kipping pull up and muscle up work. More basic pull up programming for those without.

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