Programming: w/c 18 July 2016

17 Jul

Level 2: CrossFit

We start the week with a little burner. It’s a couplet of pull ups and double-unders so most will be moving quick, although you’ll be slowed down by an extra task every 2 minutes of the workout. A 15-20 minute workout (conditioning focus).

Going after a 1RM thruster today, followed by a ladder of… thrusters (strength/conditioning focus).

Sweatier MetCon with a 25 minute duration today as you move through stations of rowing, dumbbell power cleans and jumping lunges (conditioning focus).

Back squats and weighted sit up conditioning, but first you’ll work up to a heavy back squat for the day. So if you’re not sure of your back squat numbers then a day to find out (strength/conditioning focus).

Two pulls (weighted pull up & bar muscle ups) and pistols – today’s a 10 minute AMRAP (conditioning focus).

Team of 3 today to tackle two separate challenges – clean & jerk followed by prowler. Chloé will be covering for Chris and may well take your requests for teams of 3 if you have some besties you want to do this with. No promises, Chloé word final. (team conditioning focus).

Another longer MetCon to finish off the week. Dumbbell slams, ring push-ups and kettlebell snatches. This one should break the 20 minute mark for most (conditioning focus).

Gymnastics Strength for CrossFit

Strict pull up and ring dip strength work
Around the world/handstand push-ups
Hollow rocks and superman
Pancake stretches

Skin the cat
Band resisted push ups

Powerlifting Club

Main lift: back squat
SWOD: push ups and C&J
Finisher: Triceps

Main lift: Deadlift
Accessory: Good mornings
1RM/Complex: press complex for weight

Main lift: Bench
QWOD: KB bench and ring rows
Finisher: Tabata

This is the last week before retesting next week.

Olympic Weightlifting Club

Max out.

Skills Clinic

More of the same. Further work on improving the kipping pull up, building muscle up strength and continuing to set a programme for upper body strength for those wanting their first pull up and to improve general pulling and pushing strength.

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