Programming: w/c 4 July 2016

03 Jul

Level 2: CrossFit

We begin the week with a Hero WOD. ‘Roy’ named after Marine Corps Sgt. Michael C. Roy is a 5 rounder of deadlifts, box jump and pull ups (conditioning focus).

On Tuesday it’s a simplistic gymnastics and bodyweight burner, with dynamic directly followed by static complimentary movements (gymnastics strength/conditioning focus).

Wednesday is the strength day of the week, working on both overhead press and bent over row (strength focus).

Short sprints and prowler pushes on Thursday to shake things up (conditioning focus).

Friday will be skipping ropes and three different medicine ball movement variations for a longer MetCon (conditioning focus).

Partner workout on Saturday – weighted carries and a host of gymnastic pulls (gymnastics strength/conditioning focus).

Sunday will be focus on snatch and heavy lifting (Olympic weightlifting focus).

Powerlifting Club

Main lift: deadlift
Accessory: good mornings
QWOD: push-ups and chest focus.

Main lift: bench press
SWOD: front squats and push press ladder

Main lift: squat
1RM/complex: competition standard 1RM bench press
Finisher: narrow grip bench press

Gymnastics Strength for CrossFit

Muscle up work
Headstand variation
Ab complex

Wall walk and push up combo
Ring dip work
Hanging strength

Skills Clinic (Saturday)

Further work on deconstruction of the kipping pull up and work building the muscle up. Anyone without pull ups will be set a pull up programme.

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