Can one-to-one help you?

09 Aug

Yesterday we programmed snatch. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with this lift but as long as we don’t shy away from trying to improve (and avoiding the class) then an hour session working on technique usually has most people leaving feeling much better and more confident.

Within a class there is an hour to make a difference with every single person’s performance. This is part of the trainer’s role, to make some kind of positive difference in some way with each person in our class before they leave.

That could be technique or mindset, from small cues to major intervention. Maybe a change to foot position or where you hold the barbell, perhaps strategy as to how to approach and attack today’s workout, even just some words of encouragement about their noted progress.

Though often an hour is not enough.

This post isn’t about the snatch, it’s about the benefits of personal training to improve your performance in classes. It’s about demonstrating how one-on-one training with a coach can help to hit your goals or simply make things easier for you in the gym.

If we take the example of snatch, clean, jerk, first pull up, dip or muscle up – anything that you know you want to obtain or improve. These are all movements that involve investment of time, patience and consistency to improve. Level 2 classes by their very nature are designed to be constantly varied so whilst you have an all-round fitness approach, if you are looking to improve some specifics then it will take longer to get there.

There’s a number of clubs and classes to make faster improvements and specialise, or you can work one-on-one with a coach to make faster progress. If you choose this more personalised route, what does that typically look like?

IMG_7663It may look like a single session to go over some technique and a quick fix.

It could be a short-term plan with a very specific goal in mind: to get a pull up, muscle up, to focus on the Olympic lifts, to get squat/press/deadlift numbers up within a specific time period with a individualised programme that can be done in self training.

It may also be a longer investment. I’ve worked with my client Matt who approached me before he joined the gym and asked for coaching. Since he started he’s gone from no pull ups, to 17 strict pull ups and 21 kipping, he’s just hit a snatch goal of 60kg, clean and jerk 83kg, he has consistent pistols, handstand push ups and toes-to-bar.

Though this level of commitment is not necessary for everyone – it’s dependent upon time, budget and inclination. Though a single session will provide personalised focus on any weaknesses and will make a difference, remember that there is a direct correlation to the amount of time you spend on something and the output.

This post is really about making your options known to you and championing the highly qualified and capable coaching team we have at CrossFit SE11. It’s our job to see you hit your goals, if you think you need some additional help and guidance working towards your goals and want more information about working with us one-on-one, drop me an email or have a chat with one of the coaches directly.

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