Programming: w/c 12 September 2016

12 Sep

Level 2: CrossFit

Heavy start to the week with back squat doubles (strength focus).

Some max effort attempts today within two minute time frames. Accumulating calories on the rower, squat snatch and shuttle runs. Expect a challenging session today given the weightlifting under fatigue (conditioning focus).

Straight forward 12 minute AMRAP with kettlebell swings and a combination of both step ups and box jumps that should mean little is broken up during today’s metcon (conditioning focus).

Couplet of double-unders and push jerks within an every minute on the minute for 20 minutes (conditioning focus).

A quick little chipper today hitting wall balls, toes through rings and strict ring dips (conditioning focus).

This Saturday’s Hero WOD is ‘Gator’. This is a couplet workout of front squats and ring push ups. The format of Saturday will change, a much reduced warm up and simply WOD prep to give you the maximum amount of time to get the workout done (conditioning focus).

Partner WOD to finish off the week and three workouts done continuously across three 10 minute AMRAPs. First up prowler and deadlifts, then runs and power cleans, and finishing off with rowing and pull ups (conditioning focus).

Powerlifting Club

Main lift: Bench press heavy
Accessory 1: heavy comp standard
Accessory 2: strict press
SWOD: bench, dips, burpees for time

Main lift: squat volume
Accessory: rev lunges
COMP: 1RM front squat
Finisher: box pistols

Main lift: Deadlift
Accessory 1: RDL
Accessory 2: Deficit KB DL
QWOD: EMOM KBS, air squat
Complex/1RM: Floor press
Finisher: triceps

Olympic Weightlifting Club

Clean + clean & jerk + jerk
Clean pulls
Jerk with 2 second pause in dip

Snatch balance + overhead squat
Power clean and power jerk
Press BtN in snatch grip

Clean from hang
Clean pulls from hang
Accessory work

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