Programming: w/c 19 Sep 2016

18 Sep

Level 2: CrossFit

Row for calories, dumbbell push press then an overhead lunge. Organised by 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. A 15 minute workout with a total of 7.5 minutes of actual work. This means you will need to put in 100% effort during every 30 second interval. The 15 min will go by pretty quickly (conditioning focus).

Often the burpee/kettlebell combo is a killer. Today uses another multiple workout approach combining burpees with kettlebell sumo-deadlift-high-pull and then snatches, cleans or swings depending on which level you go for. Two six minute AMRAPs with a three minute rest in between (conditioning focus).

Triplet of run, thrusters, muscle up (or jumping chest-to-bar) across five rounds. Thruster number per round is low and the muscle ups are sets of unbroken so the run should be done as fast as possible to get the best time (conditioning focus).

Medicine ball and dumbbell movements across two rounds. Workout time is approximately 15-20 minutes (conditioning focus).

Back squat and broad jump conditioning. The back squats will ideally be done from racks and the loading should be bodyweight for the first task, and bodyweight plus for the second (conditioning focus).

Hero WOD today is Zimmerman (pull ups, deadlifts, handstand push ups) (Hero/conditioning focus).

Heavy day with split squats (strength focus).

Powerlifting Club

Main lift: deadlift volume
Accessory 1) Superset good morning, jumping squats
Accessory 2) Bent over row
Complex/1RM) 1RM blocks deadlift

Main lift: bench press explosive
Accessory 1) Superset pull-up, upright row
Accessory 2) KB OH hold
QWOD) Box dips and burpees

Main lift: squat heavy
Accessory 1) Superset lunges, situps
SWOD) Partner AMRAP row, front squat KBS, air squat

Olympic Weightlifting Club

Snatch from hang
Snatch grip press from BtN
Romanian deadlift

Clean + clean & jerk + jerk
Back squat

Snatch with 3 sec pause at knee
Clean pulls

Gymnastics Strength for CrossFit

Both sessions this week will focus on pull up/muscle ups.

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