Changes to our schedule

15 Nov

From next week you’ll notice some changes to the schedule.

CrossFit Gymnastics

First up, our popular programme focussed on building the strength for gymnastics, and specifically CrossFit gymnastics has been extended to three sessions per week.

You’ll notice that on the schedule the regular Monday 6.30pm slot remains but renamed as ‘CrossFit Gymnastics (strength)’. Tim will include the second strength session every Wednesday at 7.30pm. And Chris will have a Saturday morning 10am slot named ‘CrossFit Gymnastics (skills)’.

Our plan is to marry the success we saw with Skills Clinic and incorporate it into the gymnastic strength programming to produce three sessions that will build on the strength needed but also have some dedicated time to practise kipping, double-unders, handstand skills etc. Saturday focus will be to get those firsts by applying the strength you’ve built in the rest of the programme.


We’ve extended our MetCon sessions to three per week. One midweek with Jenny on Thursdays at 7.30pm, on Saturdays at 12pm, and the third Sundays at 12.30pm.

Thursday evenings

Scheduled alongside our Powerlifting Club is now a MetCon class, preceded by Jenny’s mobility class. Doing the Mobility class followed by either of these classes is an excellent approach to doubling up on classes.

Friday evenings

Given that Thursdays, Saturday’s and Sunday’s will have a MetCon class, we have decided to rest it on Fridays for balance. Two Level 2 classes here, one starts at 6pm, the other at 7pm (note time changes/different from other half past starts).

Saturday mornings

We have already mentioned the new 10am CrossFit Gymnastics (skill) addition with Chris. This will be followed by a Level 2 (11am) and then a MetCon (12pm). Alongside this will be Olympic Weightlifting Club at 10am and then Powerlifting Club at 11am, both with Chloé.

Any questions or feedback regarding our schedule, please email Chris directly.


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