Programming w/c 26 Dec

25 Dec

CrossFit (Level 2)

No classes today.

Tuesday (two classes today, Powerlifting Club at 10am, Level 2 at 11am)
Weighted dips and then a finisher to raise the pulse before the session is out (strength focus).

Three EMOMs across 12 minutes, each containing a couplet with snatches, toes-to-bar, or lateral over-the-bar jumps (conditioning focus).

The combination of three loaded overhead movements mean this should get interesting fast. Clean & jerk plus handstand walks or a suitably difficult scaled option (conditioning focus).

We see another buy-in and cash-out in today’s workout, one sees Turkish get-up make a welcome return. The sandwiched workout in between is a descending then ascending rep couplet of weighted lunges and air squats so expect to remember this one the day after (conditioning focus).

Saturday (one class today at 11am)
Earn your New Year’s Eve with this partner workout. Just 10 minutes but both will be working as one partner accumulates calories on the rower, the other will will doing a barbell couplet (partner/conditioning focus).

No classes today.


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