Programming w/c 2 Jan 2017

01 Jan

CrossFit (Level 2)

Couplet to start the week of power snatches and some single arm dumbbell push press, short one that should not take anyone longer than 10 minutes (conditioning focus).

Some higher level skill work today but as always plenty of scaled variations, be prepared for handstand push ups, double-unders, toes-to-bars and sit ups. Chipper style (conditioning focus).

Heavy day, working up to establish a single heavy front squat (strength focus).

Single arm kettlebell or dumbbell couplet today within a 15 minute AMRAP (conditioning focus).

A lesser known unofficial ‘girl’ benchmark today with Christine. A 3 rounder with rowing, deadlifts and box jumps (conditioning focus).

Hello squats. Another chipper for the week to build up the conditioning after the break with three squatting movements included (conditioning focus).

Should be a fun and challenging little WOD today with runs and then straight into prowler push, every four minutes for five rounds (conditioning focus).


Other News

Classes resume this week but it will be from the 9th that you see changes within the schedule.

We will lose Monday lunchtimes but have midday classes every other weekday with a MetCon on Thursday with Jenny.

Every second Saturday, Phillip will run a late 4.30pm Level 2.

The Saturday MetCon will become a  Heavy MetCon. A fast paced class designed to keep you moving and challenged throughout the hour but looking to hit heavier weights and strongman elements versus the regular MetCon that focuses on non-barbell and bodyweight.

Every second Wednesday, Tim will be running a Free Taster so spread the word if you know anyone who is interested in getting acquainted with us.

Following on from some of the customer feedback, we are reintroducing some later Level 2 classes in the week. One on Monday and one Tuesday (MetCon) at 8.30pm. We’ll test these through January and reassess at the end of the month to see if we continue – so if you like a later class, use ’em or lose ’em.

We will be running additional Level 1s throughout January and February at 1pm Tuesday to Thursday. Again if you know people who work locally, could be the perfect way to get through our Level 1 programme.

Happy New Year, we’re all looking forward to seeing you in the new year.

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