CrossFit Games Open memories: Chris Halfpenny

06 Feb

Every year I look forward to the Open, it’s a great way to see how I’ve improved and where I can find the holes in my fitness to show me what I need to do going forward.

Looking back, the best moment I can recall was for 16.1 (the one with the overhead lunges). I was in the first heat, so I had nobody else to reference this against and felt all eyes were on me. I was the guinea pig of this horrid workout. I pushed myself so hard that when the 20 minute AMRAP was up, I spent about 10 minutes rolling around the floor in pain and suffering. It was amazing!

The workout that I remember as the most unassuming was 14.1 (a repeat of 11.1) with double-unders and 35kg snatches. Double-unders? Ok I’ve got those. Light snatches? That won’t be too much of an issue either, great! Put them together? Awful. Right before my round the person going before me achieved a huge score – I approached the workout thinking it was going to be a breeze. They say fatigue makes cowards of men and I stared at the bar very much like a coward. I’ll always remember how that workout kicked my butt hard.

Definitely the most inspiring performance I’ve seen from another crossfitter in the box was last year when a good friend of mine, Raj signed up to the Open on a whim. New to CrossFit, she varies wildly in her abilities and strengths. She attacked every single workout and her performances in 16.3 and 16.5 made me ask myself if I was trying as hard as I should be. It’s good to see and know that it’s not always the seasoned guys that will inspire you… sometimes it’s the person attacking the Open for this first time. Often their first go at something more competitive than your regular class.

If it’s your first time competing or thinking about competing, get yourself signed up, get your head into the open mindset. Have a look at the old workouts and don’t worry if there is something you can’t do. You should take part because you never know if the opportunity will present itself again and you will undoubtedly amaze yourself.

Some weeks the movements are good for you and some weeks it can seem hopeless, but for me, I like to suffer with my mates in the box and on social media.

Five weeks of anxiousness – but afterwards no one regrets doing it. Here’s to my fourth Open!

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