CrossFit Open post-WOD interview: Fernando

24 Feb

1. How did you feel when you heard it was dumbbell snatches and burpee over the box?

I thought it was all right. Until doing the actual workout. Though when I saw it online I thought “oh crap”.

2. What were you expectations going into it? What kind of score? Did you expect to do it within the time cap?

I thought I’d be on the borderline of the 20 minutes.

3. What was your strategy before the workout began? How did that hold up?

I followed the CrossFit commentator’s advice and one of the athletes strategy of not standing up on the box in order to save time and energy, but had to stop to catch my breath many more times than expected.

4. How did you feel during the workout? What kept you motivated/going?

Half way through I felt I couldn’t keep going. But I knew I had to do as much as I could. Coach Tim was incredible at how he encouraged me and suggested dividing the sets of dumbbell snatches while I was doing the WOD.

5. Feelings after the workout? Relief? Disappointment? Happy?

Relief that I got it done but disappointed I was not able to finish it before the 20 minutes.

6. Will you retest?

Not sure as the moment. I feel like a Lego set broken up into pieces.

7. If you were to retest how would you do it differently?

If I would retest I’d definitely avoid another heavy workout on the day before. I noticed I was not quite recovered from the previous day workout.

8. Predictions for 17.2?

Sure to be even worse than 17.1. Bring it on!

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