CrossFit Open post-WOD interview: Jana

25 Feb

1. How did you feel when you heard it was dumbbell snatches and burpee over the box?

I have problem with box jumps during long workouts so I really wasn’t happy about that. Dumbbell snatches are fine for me.

2. What were you expectations going into it? What kind of score? Did you expect to do it within the time cap?

I wanted to finish in time cap and try to push myself as much as possible.

3. What was your strategy before the workout began? How did that hold up?

Simply keep moving. It did work!

4. How did you feel during the workout? What kept you motivated/going?

My judge, Sanghee, was awesome. Coach Tim was awesome and all the others in my class too.

5. Feelings after the workout? Relief? Disappointment? Happy?

Happy. So happy and excited about my first Open WOD.

6. Will you retest?


7. If you were to retest how would you do it differently?

I’m not!

8. Predictions for 17.2?

Go even harder.

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